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In addition to fall fishing, mountain biking in cold weather has always been a challenge I love, and I always make a point to save on winter bike gear.

One of the challenges with this winter sport is that you have to start out chilly before warming up and working up a sweat, which results in becoming wet. Then, as you descend, the combination of windchill and wet skin will be rather chilly. To make the voyage enjoyable, this calls for appropriate seasonal equipment. You may find a list of the cold-weather gear that will make biking in the winter less chilly below.


“Lobster gloves,” a hybrid glove that divides your index finger and thumb from the rest of your hand, are produced by a number of different companies. Because of the separate index finger, you may use the shifting and brake levers while wearing these warmer-than-average gloves. You should also bring along a pair of thin glove liners in case your hands start to become cold. The liners will keep your hands warm if you have to pause to handle a situation.


Your feet are the area of your body that is most susceptible to injury in cold weather. Your risk of frostbite increases as a result of pressure from pedaling, which tends to cut off the circulation to your toes. Neoprene booties are a must have in cold weather. They even feature a design in the sole where you can cut off a portion for cleats. They zip over your shoes.

Winter Socks

You should wear thick, but not excessively thick, socks. A sock that is too heavy will restrict blood flow, making your shoes tight, and may even cause your feet to become cold. Try wearing some thin socks; they won’t add much bulk and will keep your feet warm. Try silk ski socks if you need an extra layer because they are incredibly warm and light.

Cycling Glasses

The ideal glasses to wear in the winter are those that wrap around your face and offer complete wind protection. You can shield yourself from the cold and debris.

Wind protection

The primary cause of heat loss from the body is moving air. You can ventilate sweat while protecting yourself from windchill by wearing proper wind protection. Because pants and a jacket can get very uncomfortable, you should choose them depending on their strength, breathability, and cost.

Helmet Liners and Face Coverings

Due to the fact that a notable amount of your body’s heat can escape through your head, it is quite vital to have the proper headwear. The purpose of a helmet is to keep you cool in the heat, not toasty. During winter riding, a fleece lining inside your helmet will keep your head and ears warm. I personally also regularly wear a balaclava or specialized face mask to brave the elements.

With this list, you can see that there are quite a few items you may wish to purchase.  Be sure to Save on Winter Bike Gear and have a blast out there!

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